So I just moved my local running Node-Application into Docker-Containers. Some of them have SQL, so I had to start them with docker-compose. When I tryed to stop the Container I got the following error:

` ERROR: for ewigetabelleserver_db_1 cannot stop container: $CONTAINER_ID$: Cannot kill container $CONTAINER_ID$: unknown error after kill: docker-runc did not terminate sucessfully: container_linux.go:393: signaling init process caused “permission denied” `

Follow these steps to be able to stop the container:

  1. Disable the apparmor service: sudo systemctl disable apparmor.service --now

  2. Unload AppArmor profiles: sudo service apparmor teardown

  3. Check AppArmor status: sudo aa-status

You should be able to stop and kill your container again.